Frank Sydow Grafikdesign Werbung Fotografie Berlin

Why Advertise?

"Someone , who stops advertising might as well try to stop his watch in order to save time."
Henry Ford´s words are still valid today.

Your product could be new, innovative and a future market leader-however, if nobody knows about it, then they have no use for it.

For the customer the perceived qualities of the product, rather than the actual qualities. And to achieve this an awareness must be created with both buyers and sellers.

Advertising creates this awareness. It awakens an interest in products, services and businesses, and forms the link between pruducers and consumers. The campaigns that establish a strong image and a high recognition factor are the ones that stay in the public consciousness.

Jahrgang 1961
Lehre zum Schauwerbe
gestalter, Studium Grafikdesign, Marketing
und Kommunikation